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Monday, May 7, 2012

Long time, no see...

No, I haven't been hiding under a rock.  I'm in the process of getting all my little duckies in a row.  And let me tell you, I wish it was a little easier!  With the kickstarter project being funded, I have just received all of your wonderful donations.  I have sent surveys to each of my backers to get some more info for their rewards.  The projected start date for rewards to begin is June 4.  If you haven't received your survey, contact me asap!

My amazing parents surprised me with a little bit of homework to help me get things in order. 

The books have been very helpful thus far, but still have a good bit of reading to do!

I also took a trip to the shared kitchen to do a walk through.  Here are a few pictures from the tour.  I have to admit that it's not quite what I was expecting, and it is a LONG hike from my home, but it looks to be the best "next step".  And, the manager of the place was really nice and very helpful.  She's been in my shoes, just as many of the other members have. 

Here's the outside of the building...

When you first walk in, they have a small table with chairs that could be used for consultations.  Once you get back to the kitchen area, it sort of splits to a side more geared towards catering and a side mostly used for baking.  These are on the catering side.

Around the corner was the wash room...

And ice/sink area...also had the walk in fridge/freezer (not pictured).

I didn't get a pic of the baking side because there were people working in the space, but it basically consisted of a double convection oven with stainless steel prep tables.  There were two areas like that, and also another area with just big prep tables.  They have large mixers that can be wheeled to your working station as well. 

Here's the dry storage.

I have a good bit of work to do before I can get the membership there, as well as licensing, insurance, etc after I get the membership.  But, I've made progress and now at least know what needs to be done next. 

My other big business factor is getting another car!  Kyle and I have been a one-car home for a few years now.  When I decided to stay at home after C was born, it didn't make sense having two car payments since one vehicle was almost always parked in the driveway.  So, we sold Kyle's truck and have managed pretty well without it.  I am still at home with C on a daily basis, but the opportunity is there for the hubs to get a ride with a coworker if needed.  But, in order for me to work in a shared kitchen an hour from my house, I need SOMETHING to drive.  And, it needs to have enough room for some pretty big cakes in the back, have the seats lie completely flat, AND be an ultra smooth ride.  I can't have cakes falling apart from a rugged riding vehicle.  So, I'm on the hunt to find a vehicle that will do all of these things AND stay within my conservative budget. 

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Busy lady! I know you're anxious to get started with your business, but I'd urge you to wait at least three months before sinking too much money into a shared kitchen. The new regulations should be in place by the end of the summer allowing you to bake and sell from your home. (Honestly, it should be any day now that they are released.)

  2. Hey Sara!!! I so want to wait. I agree that putting money in the shared kitchen would just be a waste right now if there is a good chance that I'll be able to bake from home soon. I have the farmer's market this summer that will allow me to bake from home, so I don't have too much rush in getting licensed other than wanting to advertise. Is there any chance you'd give me a little hint about what may be coming??? I don't do well with not knowing things. ;)