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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I get asked all the time if I went to culinary school to learn how to decorate cakes.  Truth of the matter is no.  I was actually a music major, played in various advanced orchestras and symphonies throughout high school and college, attended one of the best music camps in the east, and took lessons from an amazing teacher.  It was a LOT of work, required way more practice than I ever wanted to put into it, and realized that it was just not the path I wanted to stay on forever.  Somewhere down the road, like many musicians, I began having problems with my wrists, I wore special gloves when I practiced, and used some heat therapy for relief.  When I ended my musical career, the pain became obsolete.  Over the course of the past few months, it has returned, back in full force.  Some days are certainly better than others, but when I have days of rolling fondant and doing a lot of piping, I clench my teeth and push through the pain.  Perhaps not the best idea, but mind over matter has to work at times, right?

One day I'm sure I will have to go see an orthopedic, but for now my wonderful mom found some awesome braces for me to wear.  I have one that I can wear during the daytime while I'm working on the computer around the house, etc.  I don't wear it all the time, but it is really comfortable.  It offers pretty free range of movement on my fingers and has a flexible splint for support.  And, this is my nighttime brace...

As you can see, not a whole lot of movement there.  It stabilizes my wrist more.  It was a bit challenging to get used to.  The first night was fine.  The next several nights I woke up to find it lying half way across my room.  I'm guessing I probably pulled it off and threw it!  Anyway, today I will be spending a bit of time in the big one in hopes that I might get some relief from last week. 

So, what was so crazy about last week???  It just so happened that several friends had asked me to make cakes for them, and crazy me, said yes to all of them!  I ended up making cakes for a baby shower,

a birthday,

and yes, a wedding!  I was so honored to make this cake for Matt & Traci.  It looks pretty awesome on that piano, right?!? 

Here's is Matt's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup groom's cake.  I'm pretty happy with how the sweat beads turned out. 

We were unable to make it to the actual ceremony because, well, the loading zone was blocked by other trucks, as were the the walkways to get the cake in the building.  Even though we had a cart to put the cake tiers on, my hubby had to carry each of them at an odd angle, with tree branches practically in his face.  Not an easy task.  Oh, and did I mention that there were these crazy kids like running all through the cars in the parking lot?  It was so frustrating.  Reception was great, food was yummy, and everyone enjoyed the cake.  There were several people that went back for second and third pieces!!! 

Congrats to Matt & Traci!!!

I didn't get any good pics of them cutting the cake, but this was during the best man toast.

And, just so you know, my kickstarter project is at $680 as of last night!!!  I still have a long way to go, so please keep sharing the info with friends and family.

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