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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a day!

I am excited to say that I have reached over $500 in my kickstarter project,  It is so true that every single dollar counts.  I am so anxious to see how this will turn out!  There's still time to support my business venture.  Just go to

I told you the other day that I was expecting more packages....and they arrived!!!  Here's the last box of stuff. 

And I needed more fondant... you'd be surprised how fast 40 lbs goes.  Thankfully, my hubby moved the fondant box for me so I didn't hurt my wrist any more than it already is. 

I was busy getting everything in order and trying to entertain my 3 year old at the same time.  We made a game out of unloading my boxes.  He was such a big help!  We sorted, organized, cleaned, and repackaged.  And at the end of the day, everything had a home.  Such a good feeling. 

Those of you that have been in my kitchen may have seen my vintage yellow KitchenAid mixer.  It was given to me a few years ago and I love it.  I love KA mixers.  I also have the classic white one that the hubby bought me.  Any eventually I want the Swarovski crystal hot pink one....but that will be a while down the road.  Maybe once I have a shop!  Anyways,  I was using both the yellow and white mixers on a regular basis for quite some time without any problems.  Several months ago, however, the yellow one started having issues with the speed control.  I would put it on the first setting (stir) and it would spin like it was on one of the high settings.  Let's just say that I may have had some issues with flour/powdered sugar ALL over my kitchen.  Can you even imagine that mess?  It got to the point that it wasn't worth trying to use and I switched to using the white one exclusively.  Yesterday I thought I'd pull the yellow one out and try to see if I could fix it.  As a kid, my dad had a box of old doorknobs and locks that I would take apart and put back together, interchanging them, so I thought I'd give this a shot.  I mean, I am pretty handy (or so I thought).  After a bit of tightening screws and jiggling wires I put it back together and turned it on.  To my surprise it was working the way it was supposed to.  I was ecstatic!!!  I even texted the hubby to let him know I fixed it.  I cleaned it all up and started making buttercream.  I was so excited that I took this picture.

I should've stopped at that point...because when I increased the speed to finish off my frosting it messed the whole thing up.  I turned it off and started it again, only fast, faster, and fastest...I was bummed.  So, I took the back off again, checked the screws, jiggled some wires.  Apparently when I did that I hit the screwdriver (which was thankfully plastic handled) to a live wire and POP followed by flying sparks and a shock through my body.  And I blew the circuit.  Needless to say, the mixer has been put aside and will need to be fixed by someone other that myself.  Moral of the story-  I am a BAKER, NOT a MECHANIC! 

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  1. Love Your story, but not that it actually happened. Good luck. You do such beautiful work.