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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I FINALLY LAUNCHED MY KICKSTARTER PROJECT to get my business up and running!!!!!  I am super excited about this and hope you will check it out.  With the way the economy has been, I haven't been able to get anyone to even think twice about loaning/giving me money.  I've done countless hours of research trying to find ways to start a business, get funding, etc.  Hopefully in 58 days it will all be worth it!

Here's how the program works.  If you have an idea that needs funding (be it recording a new album, making a movie, publishing a book, etc), you submit your idea to kickstarter and wait to see if your project is approved.  It took an very nerve-wracking 3-4 days.  Once approved, you create a page with all of your information, make a video, create a rewards program for people donating, explain what you will use the money for, how much money you need, and set your deadline.  Here's the's ALL OR NOTHING!  If at the end of your deadline, you have reached your goal, you get your money (less a percentage) and fulfill your rewards to backers.  If however, you don't reach your goal, no money is sent, backers do not owe anything, and no rewards are sent.

Here's my project!  KICKSTARTER

I'm trying to reach a goal of $10,000 by April 15.  With that money I will be able to file all documents for licensing and permits, rent a commercial kitchen space, and purchase a delivery vehicle. 

My rewards are pretty fantastic, and start at the $5 level.  Every single dollar counts and will definitely be appreciated.  I have rewards from cookies to push up cakes, and all the way to tiered cakes.  If you have an event that needs a fabulous cake, maybe a wedding or corporate event, you might want to consider the $1000 donation and you will receive a fabulous 3 tiered cake made just for your occasion.  There is something for everyone.  And you don't have to be local to the Atlanta area to receive the rewards.  There are substitutions for some levels depending on your area.

This is a HUGE project and could literally make or break my business venture.  The next two months will probably be a very emotional time for me as I have literally put everything I have out on a line in hopes that people will believe enough in me.   

I need as much help as I can get.  Please share this with friends and family, post on facebook or twitter. 

Thank you SOOOO MUCH!


  1. Cottage Food regulations are in the works, so maybe your commercial kitchen won't even be necessary in a few months. In any case, good luck!

  2. Sara, I soooo hope you're right! I've been following the facebook page in hopes that there will be an update soon. I'm just hoping that it doesn't take as long as Texas once things finally do get passed.

  3. We're doing things a little differently from Texas in order to avoid those problems. Fingers crossed!