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Monday, February 6, 2012


I had such a fun weekend!  My son won his soccer game on Saturday!!!  Only one more left in his regular season before they go to playoffs.  And then comes spring soccer.  It's a never ending cycle, but he loves it and is getting pretty good at it. 

Then, I waited for someone to pick up a cake.  Here's Hayden's Tinkerbell cake... 

I have to admit, that I am a little disappointed in myself with this cake.  I do like the finished look of it,  BUT it was a very last minute request and I didn't even get started on it until late Friday.  I had originally planned to sculpt Tinkerbell myself.  The first try, which took way too long, ended up going in the trash.  The second one was really looking good until I started painting her face.  I didn't realize that I had black food color on my hands and ended up smearing it all over her.  Ugh!  At nearly 11pm, that one went in the trash, I covered the cake in fondant, airbrushed it, and made all the vines, leaves, and flowers, and well... the toy Tinkerbell went on top.  Hayden didn't mind at all because she got a new toy to play with!

The weather was absolutely beautiful, both Saturday and Sunday.  We spent the afternoon outside both days, soaking up the sunshine while all the cul-de-sac kids played.  Saturday night was my neighbor's birthday...girls only!  All the guys stayed home with the kids while we sipped on cosmos, sangria, and ate all of Dori's favorite foods.  She asked me to make cupcakes for the specifics, just pretty and purple.  I love opportunities like this because it gives me a little freedom to experiment.  So I created a little sampler. Here you've got (from back to front) Almond Pound Cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream,  Maple Bacon Cake with Maple Buttercream topped with more bacon,  Red Velvet Cake, and Chocolate Overload- chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream.  They were a huge hit.  The Maple Bacon was a new one.  If you've never had bacon and cake together, you must try it!  The combination of the salty bacon and sweetness from the cupcake pairs so well together.  It was like breakfast. 

I also created something new for Dori's party.... PUSH UP CAKES!!!  Remember those orange sherbet push ups that you could get from the ice cream lady at school???  These are the same concept, but filled with layers of cake and frosting.  They are perfectly portioned, mess-free, and so much fun.  And, since they're made out of plastic, they're reusable.  They can also be filled with cookies, brownies, candies, and even ice cream.  I can't wait to try out some other things in them.  I will be ordering a large quantity of them soon!   They can be personalized for any event or party.  Aren't they fun?!?!  And a special thank you to the hubs for helping me make this awesome stand for them to sit in. 


  1. omg I could never do that. I would go insane when things didn't come out perfectly. I have been sitting in my kitchen floor crying because I put too much vinegar on my brussels sprouts... I would die if I had to throw away a tinker bell. But those push pops looks so cool! I've never seen that before!!

  2. Laura- I completely understand. I finally just had to come to the realization that there just wasn't enough time, and was thankful that I almost always have a backup plan. The push pops are SOOO much fun! The ladies at the party really had a great time eating them, and who doesn't love layered desserts?!?