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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thanks to those that have stopped by my blog and a HUGE THANK YOU to those that signed the petition for the Georgia Cottage Food Law.  You can also find more info about it here

So, I'm definitely new to this whole "blogging" thing.  I'm sure there are rules about the way you are supposed to do it, but please bare with me. 

I've been doing TONS of research on funding options and trying to find venues where the state will allow me to sell cakes.  I've submitted my application for the Snellville Farmers Market again this year.  I got accepted last year, had my dates selected, and was pretty excited about doing it, but once I sat and thought about how much work was going to go into it each week, I was a little turned off.  I've sold cookies and cupcakes at craft shows in the past.  I put items in a countertop display case, people would pick the ones they wanted, and I would either serve with a napkin or I would box it up and put it in a bag.  That was easy!  Farmers Markets are a little different.  They do allow non-perishable items (cakes, breads, pies, cookies, etc) to be baked at home and sold at the markets.  But, all items have to be individually packaged with name of item, common name for ingredients, allergy information, and contact information from baker.  So then I would have to create all of these labels, plan in advance for what I was going to sell, and so on, and so forth.  My more tedious than just selling from a display case.  BUT, since I'm sort of out of options right now,  it looks like my best bet.  Now, I'm just waiting to see if they'll accept me. 

I am pretty excited to tell you that I submitted an application for kickstarter.  It is a cool way to get funding for new ideas, business ventures, etc.  Basically, you come up with an idea for funding, wait to see if you get approved, then create a page all about what you want the money for.  You set a goal for yourself...however much you need, but you only have 60 days max to reach your goal.  Say I ask for $500.  I could set up a rewards system at different levels for people who wanted to donate to my project.  Once I reached the goal, the people would be charged,  I would get my money for the project, and I would send out rewards.  However, if I don't meet my goal by the deadline, no money is charged from people donating, I don't get a dime, and no one gets rewards.  They did accept my application and I've been in the process of working on all the details.  I've set my rewards already...and THEY ARE GOOD ONES!!!  I'm struggling with the video part of it.  I really don't like having pictures taken, so making a video of myself is just not going to happen.  Perhaps a powerpoint presentation will work.

Oh, and I have some other new things in the works...  last night I made maple bacon cupcakes.... the sweetness of the pure maple syrup and the saltiness of the bacon is fantastic.  AND, I'm debuting Cake Push Pops tonight at a birthday party!  I'll have pictures of all of that later.

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